Need face mask sewing instructions? You can find a lot of great tips and hints online. Many websites offer face mask sewing tutorial and all you need to do is to type in “face mask”, and you will be shown several helpful tricks. Here is a few face mask sewing tutorial that you should know.

Basic Tutorial

First, we will look at a tip on face masking by crocheting a small piece of jewellery wire. You will need a length of about six inches or more. It is difficult to crochet a whole face mask at once, so you have to make several stitches. However, when you have finished crocheting a long piece of jewellery wire, turn your sewing machine off, unplug it, and cut the extra wire.

Now, you will wrap the face mask around your head and secure it with elastic bands. It will be difficult for you to see but just wrap the mask on your head and secure it from underneath with the bands. If you do not want elastic bands, you can just use buttons. If you cannot find buttons, use some eyelets that you have probably used before.

Make a few loops with your hair ties and thread them through the eyelets. Then, start sewing machine by putting the needle behind the rubber bands. Sew the face mask onto your pillowcase. Put the elastic behind the face mask and then put the hair ties on both sides of it and draw a line that exactly follows the lines drawn by the elastic.

You may need to hem the mask from one end to another depending on how long you make it. Sew the mask to the elastic, starting from the top. Make sure that the face mask does not show between the elastic. Hem the ends of the ties and then tie a ribbon or sash around it to keep your hair ties in place.

Sewing Instructions

Sewing instructions may vary according to which type of face masks you are working on. But, generally, you should follow these simple steps: Start with a long piece of the pillowcase. Wrap the cushion case with elastic and then start sewing. Follow all the instructions provided in the instruction manual.

face mask sewing

If there are any broken threads, use a piece of pliers. And as always, if there are no visible seam allowances, do not sew on the face mask. Sew on the pillowcases. And use a piece of clean rags to finish off your face masks. Once done, you can rest assured that your face masks are ready for use.

Now, all you have to do is to attach the face mask to the elastic. To complete the look, add a ribbon if there is one. If there are no hair ties, you can also use elastic to tie your hair back. If the face mask comes with an elastic, use that instead.

Other Tips

Here is how you can make a coffee filter face mask: First, find your coffee filter. Cut it in half. Then, roll the bottom of the coffee filter into small pieces. And just wrap it with some paper towel to hold it in place.

Now, prepare a face mask according to the measurements of the coffee filter. Roll it onto the paper towel. Then, attach it onto the coffee filter. In case you do not have rubber bands, you can use several small paper towels to tie the scarf around your neck. However, if you have rubber bands, use your hair ties. Just make sure that your face mask looks the way you want it too.

Now that you have your face mask finished, you can sew on the beard or moustache. Sew on the beard first before attaching it onto the face mask. And again, if you don’t have rubber bands, use your hair ties to bind your face mask.

There are lots of face masking projects you can do. The best part is that you can do it all by yourself. You would only need to gather materials like face masking scissors, paper, rubber bands, face masking foam, scissors, face masking tape, face masking glues, and sewing machine. If you want to learn more on face masking, you can read more craft ideas below.

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