Decorative wall plates are a great way to add interest and beauty to your home decor. This step by step guide on how to display decorative wall plates in your home with some useful tips along the way. Find your perfect wall of choice, gather up your collection of decorative plates, and head on to decorating!

Ceramic Decorative Wall Plates

Ceramic decorative wall plates and bases make up a large part of the decorative wall plates market. There are a variety of different kinds of decorative ceramic pieces to choose from including; glazed, matte, mid-glazed, crystal, opalescent, and porcelain. Glazed ceramics include mid-glaze and crystal; opalescent and porcelain; and crystalline silica. Generally, they are all made from ceramic clay with different properties and are used for home decoration.

DIY Decorative Wall Plates

When looking for diy decorative wall plates for your home, you should consider the style, colour, size, and type of plate that you want to display. It is always best to purchase a piece that fits into the space you have available for it. For instance, if you have large open wall space, it would be better to purchase a large, double-sided plate so that items placed on the wall can be seen from all sides. For smaller spaces, a single-sided plate may be more appropriate.

Another great way to incorporate art into your home decoration is through the use of decorative wall plates. Ceramic art has been around for centuries and it is still a popular decorative material to purchase for your home. This decorative wall plates can range from very simple designs to more complex art pieces. Some of the more common decorative wall plates include figurines, vases, candles, seashells, mirrors, and many others.

decorative wall plates

Common Decorative Wall Plates

Common decorative wall plates include one-toned dishes, bowls, plates, platters, and crockery. The most commonly purchased one-toned plates include crystal, opal, and food contact materials. Crystal and opal plates are often used to enhance the colour of space and to create a focal point. Food contact materials such as crystal beads and glass are used in many one-toned dishes to enhance the colours in the room.

When choosing decorative wall plates for your home decoration, it is important to determine what your taste or preference is when it comes to style and theme. If you enjoy contemporary decorative themes, there are many contemporary plate styles to choose from including modern, shabby, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro, Artic, and others. For those who enjoy more rustic home decorations, a plate such as a bone table with a wood-burning candle can provide a very distinctive and interesting look that is sure to draw attention. You can find a large selection of decorative plates and other home decoration accessories at Decorating for Life Stores.

Home Decoration

When selecting decorative wall plates for your home decoration needs, it is best to purchase decorative art supplies that will work well with the theme and other decorative elements in your space. For example, if you have a black and white kitchen with a black and white tile floor, purchasing a black decorative wall plate with a modern design would not work well together. On the other hand, using picture hangers to hang framed artwork will help to coordinate the decor in the room. Picture hangers designed for hanging wall mounted items such as pictures, paintings, or prints look great when they are used with decorative wall plates.

Hanging a decorative wall plate in a room provides a focal point for space and also adds value to the home. Using decorative wall plates in rooms such as living and family rooms adds colour and variety to space along with adding value. When used in combination with mid-century modern furniture, a decorative wall plate can add significant value to the home.

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